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How to fix a roof leak

Submitted by admin on Wed, 04/17/2013 - 18:25

In this case I was fixing a new roof that was leaking. See - How to find a roof leak in a new roof or old roof.

On this particular roof I had discovered that rain was running down the roofing nails.

So I measured the approximate distance to where the leak was occurring and started lifting up all the shingles near the ceiling leak.

And I found some nails that had been nailed down too much destroying the shingle which allowed the water to drip down.

Incorrect nail gun pressure set too high

The reason it destroys the shingle and voids the manufacturer warrantee is roofers usually use pneumatic nailing guns for speed.

If the nail guns are not set to the correct pressure, or adjusted as they go along, the nails can go down too far or not enough into the shingle, which happened in roof I was repairing.  

The result is the same which is the roof can leak.

It only takes one nail and then you will have your tale to tell.


Apply roofing cement

I then started applying Henry 209 roof patch cartridge (less of a mess than in the bucket) to all of the nail heads below the shingles. Then I put a bead of roof patch to all the shingles to hold them down.





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