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How to get rid of Bed Bugs and other crawly insects

Submitted by JClegg on Wed, 11/30/2016 - 19:38

BedBugs, Cockroaches  - Is there a greater fear for a homeowner or  perhaps a multifamily owner when mentioning these insect names.

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I personally have experience in this area and the nightmare lasted about 8 months and about $12,000.00 dollars later I was rid of the little buggers. For good!

My story goes like this I rented a condo to two tenants and one day I got a call  from them saying I think we have BEDBUGS and what can you do about it. That 7 letter word will immediately get the attention and in some cases terrify the listener. 
As I was listening many thoughts crossed my mind but I thought I am a handyman, no big deal I will figure it out and solve it no big deal. It was in the beginning stages, the condo was more than 500 miles away so I didn’t want to leave everything and deal with the problem.
So I started researching and began to see the seriousness and powerlessness one can feel. In my case my condo is one of more that 50 other condos and apartments. If other people get attacked you are at the mercy of the way the condo wants to get rid of the problem. Good neighbors don’t bring bedbugs home or it can strain relationships.

At the beginning I found there are various techniques people use to get rid of the insects. Some of them are:
Steam Heat: Sealing off the entire house and blowing hot air in above 121 degrees- For me it was a last resort due to the cost and all the neighbors

Lethal temperatures for bed bugs range from 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 F. The walls of hot boxes reach a higher temperature than the suggested lethal range in order to permeate belongings placed within, killing all bed bugs in all their stages. 
However this is generally considered to be an effective but expensive way to eradicate bed bug infestations in all their stages.

Dogs used to find and detect where the bugs are. In my case it would not have been very useful because they go everywhere.

Spray Bombs - I tried them and the did not work. You put a can in each room open it and the can emits a cloud of what appears like smoke. You should not come back for at least and hour. And then who knows what chemicals will hang around after you finish. 
It was nerve wracking because I didn’t want to let on to the other owners that I had the pests.

Chemical sprays -  I talked to some professional exterminators and they said you have to get the spray directly on them or it will not kill them. It may require a few trips.
They can’t say with 100% certainty that it will kill the bedbugs because unless you find where they are hiding and spray them directly. That is a difficult task.

Steam - I bought a small stanley steamer but did not work for me. The idea is because the steam is at such a high temperature it will kill the bedbugs. You concentrate the steam on the mattress seams and kill them. It is difficult to get all of them as they hide in carpets, walls, outlets just about anywhere, until they come out to feed at night.

As I researched bedbug panic began to in. I kept thinking  - What If I don’t get rid of them?

That was only the beginning after about 3 months and numerous phone calls the tenants who brought the bugs in moved out.
So I started using  all the tools such as the sprays, bug bombs, chemicals and more steam. But no luck.
The way I knew it wasn’t working was that I stayed overnight in the apartment and after each treatment I checked for bite marks. I kept  waking up in the morning with red marks where the bedbugs had been feeding on me.
More panic nothing was working, no income and the real possibility that the buggers would move out of my condo and into the neighbors.

Next step was to throw out most of the furnishings. I got rid of the carpets, the mattresses and  all upholstered  furniture.
I now had an empty apartment - nothing in it but me and a foam mattress on the floor. Another night and woke up with more red marks except they were adding up.

I went to a mattress store with a big showroom and mentioned to the sales person that I had got rid of my mattresses because of bed bugs and I needed new mattresses. They began to get nervous. They told me they have a policy to not deliver to homes or apartments that had bedbugs. Yikes!
I began to understand the seriousness of the problem.
The final blow came when I told my sister over the phone that a tenant had brought bed bugs into the condo. The phone went quiet and I was told not to show up at their house.  Message was then  heard loud and clear, now understood. I may have the bugs but nobody for sure didn’t want them.

Panic was  the flavor of the day until I came across some Bedbug powder which affects not only bedbugs but any insect that walks. If they walk on the powder it passes through their feet and destroys their protective coating.

So I found  a bed bug put it into a cup with the bedbug power and waited. I left the cup for about an hour and when I returned I found that the bug was moving very erratically. Within two hours the bedbug had completly stopped.
I then made a barreiar on the floor with the BedBug powder applying it all around my foam mattress and what do you know when I woke up there were no additional red marks on my arms and legs.
I waited and tested for a few more days sleeping with the power around the mattess. The red marks began to completely disappear. I was now becoming convinced of the solution but it was only the beginning. I applied the Bedbug powder throughout  the aparment and  I now had to refurnish apartment with new flooring and furniture. That took care of the apartment but not the new tenant.

When I first arrived at the apartment with the bedbug problem in September I thought it would be a quick fix. So I advertised the apartment for rent to be available for October first ( I had about 10 people interested ) but I did not get the apartment ready until the end of October at which time I was anxious to leave.
I again advertised the apartment to be available at November 1 and only two people called about the apartment but not enough to rent it.
I had to leave and left it to a Real Estate agent to rent it for me which she did but not until January 15. 

So I calculated between the lost rents the material to fix up the apartment and labor costs the bedbug debacle  was close to $12000.00 dollars.

The good news after more than five years no other owner or tenant in more than 50 apartments knew that I had bedbugs or did they ever get the bugs - what a relief I am still a good neighbor. 

I can say for certain that from experience BedBug powder works and if you would like to get rid of bedbugs or similar crawly insects then  give me a call and  I will see to it that they will be gone without expensive heat treatment or toxic chemicals.
My services uses a  product that is 100% safe - organic - non toxic  for humans, cats or dogs but not for Bedbugs. In fact it takes care of almost any insect including cockroaches, ants, fleas or any that crawls. 

Bedbugs - If you found out that you have Bed Bugs and do not know how to get rid of them I do. I have first hand experience with these insects. I rented an apartment to a tenant that brought the creatures in with them and I was left with the problem. Talk about terror I was thinking $$$$ too get rid of them. However I did get rid of them. Best of all they never returned and if they did I know how to get rid of them.
I do not live in fear of them anymore and neither should you.


It is not always true that your furniture including your mattress has to be replaced even though the Bedbugs go into the seams of your furniture. It is possible to save the furniture.

You can get rid of the little buggers no need to panic. 
If you are interested call 978- 238 - 6827 or 781 583 1747  and I can show you that the removal process is possible, at a Fair Price!

Don’t live in fear anymore or be embarrassed like I was that you have Bed Bugs


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